Torched Lemon Sole


Spring! The time of the year when colour is reintroduced into our lives, our world comes alive again. It’s time to forget that long winter and come out of hibernation. For me spring is a fresh start, a new mindset, I’m ready to take on the world. I’m filled with nothing but excitement for the summer and the future memories ahead.

This fresh, light, colourful dish is what spring is all about. I’ve used seasonal produce available to me and let it speak for its self.

When torching the lemon sole I used extra virgin olive oil and a squeeze of lemon to finish. To accompany the sole I used two types of asparagus, a black garlic aioli, Greek yogurt and bacon dust. I garnished the dish with wild fennel tops and flowers, nasturtium leaves, nasturtium flower petals and wild garlic oil. This dish is very fresh, light and clean. Perfect for spring.

Serves 4

Lemon Sole

2 lemon sole fillets

Extra virgin olive oil




Slice both of the lemon sole fillets in half length ways. Lightly rub each piece with extra virgin olive oil. Blow torched each piece until lightly charred. I recommend the blowtorch is about 4 inches away from the fish. The lemon sole will cook very quickly and continue to cook with residual heat. Make sure you do not over torch! Its better to be under as you could save it by flashing under the grill. Torch the lemon sole just before you are ready to plate up. This should be the last thing you do.


Black garlic aioli

170ml extra virgin olive oil

5 black garlic cloves peeled

1 large egg yolk

1 tsp of squid ink

1 tsp sea salt

1 tsp lemon juice

1 tsp chardonnay vinegar

1-2 tsp hot water

In a blender add the black garlic and egg yolk, blend until combined. With the blender running on medium to low speed slowly add the olive oil. Once the aioli is thick enough to stand up in soft peaks add the vinegar, sea salt, lemon juice and squid ink. Blend again for a couple of seconds until combined. If the aioli is to thick you can add a teaspoon or two of hot water to lighten it up. Taste and add more seasoning if you need to.


4 spears of green asparagus

4 spears white asparagus


Knob of butter


Olive oil

Chop the ends off the green asparagus and drizzle with olive oil, season with salt and pepper. Cook under the grill until al dente. Peel and blanch the white asparagus in boiling water until al dente. Finish cooking the white asparagus in a frying pan, add a knob of butter and season with salt and pepper.

Wild garlic oil

200g wild garlic

100ml olive oil

bowl of ice water

Blanch the wild garlic in boiling water for 20 seconds. Transfer straight to the bowl of ice water. Drain and pat dry on kitchen towel. Add the wild garlic and oil to a blender. Blend until smooth and pass through a fine chinois.

I used good quality full fat Greek yogurt and bacon dust. To add extra flavours and depth to the dish.

I garnished my dish with wild fennel tops, fennel flowers, nasturtium leaves and nasturtium flower petals.



10 Comments on “Torched Lemon Sole

  1. Your food is so inspiring! The black garlic aioli looks stunning! The whole dish is beautiful and lemon sole is a great fish! Amazing 🙂

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