Lamb Rump


I love lamb, it’s easily my favourite meat. It’s fatty and packed with flavour, what’s not to like! Maybe not an ideal choice if your trying to diet but a cheeky cheat day never killed anyone. (Don’t take my word on this!)

If you want succulent, tender meat make sure you rest it after cooking. I usually cover with tinfoil and rest in a warm place for 5 minutes. This allows the meat to continue cooking with the residual heat and gives meat a chance to relax to become tender. This, for me, is a very important process. I cooked my lamb rumps to 48°c and after resting, the residual heat rises to 58°c.

(This recipe serves 4)

Pea Purée

300g frozen peas

100g baby spinach

200ml boiling water

Salt to taste

Place all the ingredients into a powerful blender. Blitz until smooth and pass through a fine chinois and season with salt to taste.

Carrot purée

200g carrots

Knob of butter

Salt to taste

Peel and slice carrots. Place in a pan and cover with water, bring to the boil. Reduce temperature and cook until soft. Drain off the water and add the carrots to a blender. Add a knob of butter, pinch of salt and blitz until smooth. Taste purée and adjust the seasoning if needs be.

Lamb jus

500g Lamb bones

500g chicken wings

Sprig of thyme

Sprig of rosemary

Bulb of garlic

3 bay leaves

2 large onions

4 carrots

1 leek

4 celery stalks

1 bottle of white wine



Roast the lamb bones and chicken wings until brown. Peel and dice all vegetables and sweat off in a pan. Add the lamb bones and wings to the pan. De glaze the trays the bones where roasted in with the white wine and add that to the pan. Fill the pan with water and leave to simmer for 12 hours topping up when needed. Strain your lamb stock. Add the rest of the white wine to the stock and reduce until you have a consistency that lightly coats the back of a spoon. You should make your stock a day in advance, as it requires time.

Lamb rump

4 quality lamb rump steaks (180g-220g)

Sprig of thyme

Sprig of rosemary

1 Clove of garlic

Knob of butter



Pre heat oven to 180°c . Heat a frying pan over a medium heat. Season the lamb rumps with salt and pepper. Once the pan is hot, add your lamb rumps skin side down and slowly render the fat until it’s golden brown. Add garlic, thyme, rosemary and knob of butter, turn the lamb, brown all sides. Place the frying pan with the lamb the oven, cook for 8 minutes. If you have a temperature probe check your lamb is between 48°c – 50°c . Remove from oven, place on a tray and cover with tinfoil. Allow the lamb to rest for at least 5 minutes. While the lamb is resting get the rest of your dish together.

I garnished my dish with a light mint oil, a roasted onion purée, carrot powder, pea powder and tendril pea shoots.

This dish would be amazing with a side of hasselback potatoes. Enjoy!!

P1070256 2.JPG

34 Comments on “Lamb Rump

  1. Looks delicious – and the presentation is fantastic! I think that lamb is very much underrated and under-used here in the States, personally. It’s hard to find restaurants that serve it on their menu regularly, so any recipe that I can try at home is always welcome.

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  2. The dish is beautiful! I love lamb, like you said it is so full of flavor and just delicious. The carrot puree had a lovely color, I feel inspired 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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    • Thank you! I’m a chef but no photographer! I’m still finding my way. Thanks again for the great feed back 😁


  4. I’m a big fan of lamb, too, but my husband the supertaster is not. However, on reading your great opening description of that succulence and richness that make lamb so enticing, I’m suddenly thinking that even Richard the Picky could be converted if I could convince our favorite Texas BBQ smokers to give the same treatment to lamb that they do their beef belly. But then, I might just have a happiness heart attack and croak on the spot! (Be careful what you wish for, I’m told!) 😉

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