Wood Pigeon

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It’s been a while since my last post. I took some well needed time out for the festive season. I hope everyone’s year has got off to a good start. I’m looking forward to sharing my up and coming projects in 2017 with you!

This is a delicate game dish bursting with rich flavours and great textures. I roasted the wood pigeon to medium rare on the crown to ensure those little breasts stayed nice and juicy. The pithivier is packed with sticky braised leg and kidney. To accompany the pigeon I made a caramelised onion puree, sautéed chanterelles and finished with pigeon jus. I utilised the whole pigeon leaving nothing to waste.

(This recipe serves 4)


2 Wood pigeons

Splash of white wine

Puff pastry 8 x 4cm rounds

500ml veal stock

½ shallot

½ carrot

1 garlic clove

Small sprig of thyme

6cm celery



1 Egg yolk

Break down your pigeons leaving the breasts on the crowns. Remove kidneys. Roast the legs spine and neck until brown. Deglaze the pan with white wine. Add finely diced vegetables, 500ml veal stock and place in oven cook at 150℃ for 20 minutes or until the meat on the legs is tender. Remove the legs and pass the liquid through a fine chinois. Reduce the remaining liquid until it lightly coats the back of a spoon.

Pick the meat off the legs, add diced kidney and some of your sauce. You want the mixture to be moist and sticky but not to wet. When the mix has cooled down evenly distribute on to 4 of the puff pastry rounds keeping it in the centre. Egg wash the boarder of the pastry and lay the remaining 4 rounds over the top. Use the top of a 4cm cutter to gently press the two rounds together. Turn over the cutter and cut to clean the edges. Egg wash the pithiviers, gently pierce the top and score top to bottom the whole way round. Cook for 8 minuets at 180℃ until golden brown.

Pigeon crowns

Sear the pigeon crowns in a hot pan with oil, butter, thyme and garlic until browned all over. Season well. Place in 180℃ oven and cook for 8 minutes. Remove and rest under tin foil for 4 minutes.

Onion puree

2 Large white onions

Splash of white wine vinegar

5g brown sugar

Knob of butter

Olive oil

Roughly dice onions and sweat down in a pan with olive oil. Once onions start to colour add vinegar and brown sugar. Stir regularly and cook until onions are caramelised. Place in a powerful blender with a knob of butter. Blitz until smooth and pass through a fine chinois.

I garnished my dish with buttered kale, sautéed chanterelles and dressed with the left over pigeon jus from the braised legs.

wood pigeon 1.JPG

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