Month: October 2016

Beef Fillet

Never overlook the power of simplicity….  This dish looks clean and simple, seared beef fillet, Jerusalem Artichoke purée, sauté wild mushrooms, char-grilled king oyster mushroom, Caramalised onion puree and a roasted veal jus. When you taste the flavour combinations it starts to tell… Read More


I wasn’t planning on doing a seafood dish this week, until I saw these lovely hand dived scallops at my local fishmongers in Victoria Park village. It’s the last day of national curry week and I wanted to incorporate that into my… Read More

Flavours of Black Forest

Seriously what’s not to like? I always loved black forest gateau, so when I decided to create a dish using the same flavours I was feeling the vibe from the start. I love the chocolate, cherry and kirsch combination (kirsch is a… Read More