Tomato Water

tomatoAll you need to make this amazing tomato water is 1kg of vine ripened tomatoes, a good blender (I used my Nutri Bullet pro) and some muslin cloth.

I love how the tomato water serves a purpose all year round. In the summer months it can be used as a refreshing cold drink, added to your gazpacho or even used as your secret weapon to enhance the flavour of your bloody mary. In the cooler months you can heat it and have as a tomato tea adding a small bouquet garni to infuse (a bouquet garni is small bundle of herbs tied together with string).  I have also used star anise in my tea I think it adds another dimension of flavour.

Blitz the tomatoes with a pinch of salt. A clove of garlic and a small bit of celery can also be added to pimp the flavour up (you won’t need to add anything if you get quality ripe tomatoes). Once the tomatoes are completely blitzed place in a triple layer of muslin and leave to slowly drip into a container for 24 hours (try and elevate the tomatoes it will speed the whole process up).

You will be left with the purest rose coloured liquid this is your tomato water. This stuff is seriously amazing and hassle free to make!

You could also try reduceing it until concentrated and pour into ice cube moulds then freeze. The frozen tomato water can then be added to your sauces when cooking. A guaranteed game changer!

Check it out – I promise you won’t be disappointed.






One Comment on “Tomato Water

  1. A lovely drink, to be sure! And I can only assume that the blitzed-bits remaining in the bag would be a perfect add-in to intensify the flavor of a sauce, a jam, a smoothie, a soup, or any number of other good things. Bonus!


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