Day: September 17, 2016

28 Day Dry Aged Ribeye Steak

If your into red meat and earthy flavours this plate is for you! The dry aged ribeye has some serious flavour on its own but paired up with this lot is off its head. On the plate you can see sauté wild mushrooms, mushroom… Read More

Tomato Water

Use tomato water for powerful flavour!

Artisan Sourdough Rye

  Ingredients: Sourdough starter 70g  Tepid water 400g Rye Flour 245g Stronge white bread flour 245g Molasses 45g Fennel seeds 8g Anise seed 2g Caraway seeds 3g Salt 12g Zest of 1 orange     Instructions: Using a mixing bowl, mix the… Read More

Making A Sourdough Starter

Making a sourdough starter is easy! All you need is flour, water and a little bit of patience (that’s the hard part). The process is almost as good as your first sourdough loaf! First lets talk about wild yeast. What is wild… Read More