Ox Cheek-Dukkah-Carrot

IMG_7937.JPGThis dish delivers not only on taste but also gives a stunning visual worthy of any social media! The Ox cheek has been slow cooked for 24 hours at 75℃ over a trivet of vegetables, a bunch of thyme and half a bottle of red wine. Once the cheeks were cooked (so tender they could fall apart) I chilled them down, trimmed them up and brought back up to temperature using the liquor from the tray they were slow cooked in continuously turning and basting the cheeks. (make sure you reduce the liquor enough to coat the cheeks till they are sticky and glossy) For the Dukkah I used coriander seed, cumin seed, sesame seed, toasted hazelnuts and sea salt. Toast the spices together once the flavour is activated grind them using a pestle and mortar. Once the spices are ground to your desired consistency add toasted sesame, toasted hazelnuts and season to taste with the salt (Dukkah is an egyptian condiment typically used for dipping bread and fresh vegetables in). For the carrot elements I’ve made a roasted carrot purée, a pickled carrot gel and pickled baby carrots. I’ve also added a buttermilk fluid gel made using agar-agar (I will go into the process in another blog post soon). Since making this I have tried other variations like a BBQ carrot purée and BBQ baby carrots definitely a game changer. This dish is pretty cheap to make as the humble Ox cheek isn’t a primary cut but delivers some serious flavour.


Get involved and re-create this dish! Let me know how you get on!

7 Comments on “Ox Cheek-Dukkah-Carrot

  1. The oh so slow cooked ox cheeks sounds absolutely amazing! I will give the Dukkah a go as well. It looks amazing and utterly delicious!

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  2. It’s a delicious dish! Very cheap to make and very easy! The Dukkah makes the dish for me! Let me know how you get on! 😊


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